Lobby Display: How to edit your TV Display

This guide will give you understanding on how to edit your TV display so it suits your needs. 


1) Click on Setup tab 



2) Click on Announcement feature located on the left hand side 



3) Find the theme that is associated to the TV display that you would like edited 



4) Click on the edit button  underneath TV Templates  beside the TV Template you would like edited




5)In General Settings  If you are happy with the Theme name and TV Resolution you can click on the Save and Continue tab of you require adjustments please do so in the following areas





6) Next in the Modify Template section you can move each of the blue boxes to any position you like, increase the width , small, taller wider by either clicking on the down arrow of each box 


7) By Double clicking on the box you can change the parameters to whatever you require in each box below and update




8) Below are 2 Columns " Show" &  "  Do not Show "   In this area you can add different categories that you want to be displayed into the Show column and for those categories you wish not to show you can put them in the Do not show column. 





9) Once you are happy with the adjustments please click on the TV Theme Preview tab. This preview will show you how the TV Display will look. 





10) Click on the Save and Continue tab to continue. 



11) If you would like to add on any Videos into your TV Display click on the tab button that says OFF to ON. Then click the Save and Continue tab.



12) Review what you already edited again if required by clicking on the TV Theme Preview or if you are happy click on the Save tab. 







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