How to Add Time Slots to an Amenity

This user guide will show you how to create time slots for your amenity.


1. Open the Welcome Menu and select Set-up.



2. From the Main Menu, select Amenities. You will now see a list of your building’s amenities.



3. Select the Edit icon to revise the amenity.



4. Navigate to the Rules tab at the top of the page. 



5. Select Time Slots from the the Booking Start and End Time drop-down menu.



6. Select the days of the week the amenity can be booked from the Timeslot Option drop-down menu.



7. Enter the Start Time and End Time for the day. 



8. Enter the duration for the timeslots. This is how long the resident can book the amenity for.



9. Click Save to add the time slots. 


You will now see the list of time slots that match your criteria.



If your time slots are less than 60 minutes and you want them to start on the hour, you can manually input them into the system. Instead of entering the start and end time for the day, enter the start and end time for the first time slot. Then, enter the duration and click Save. 


Continue this process until all your time slots are created.



NOTE: If there are specific times when the amenity is unavailable, for example it is being cleaned from 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m., remove the time slots from the list by clicking the box beside the time slot and selecting delete.



10. Residents will now see the time slot options when booking the amenity.



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