Amenity Setup: How to create blackout times

Here is a user guide on how to create a black out time for your amenity 



1) Go to Welcome then Setup 


2) Click on Amenities 


3) Check the pencil icon on the amenity you would like to add in your black out time for 


4) Click on the subtitle for " Rules" 


5) Scroll down to " Booking start and End time :  click in the book no restriction 


6) Beside " Block Amenity for Certain Period of Day" , check yes 


7) Beside " Blackout Days"  check the days that you would like the black out time to be applied to 


8 ) Beside  Start Time & End Time please select the  start time of your black out period and the end time of your black out period. 


9) Click save - proceed to the end of the amenity setup.



Residents will now be unable to book amenities during these blacked-out times.  

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