How to pay with EFT transfer

In this user guide you will be shown how to pay a one time payment using EFT &  using the Existing Payment method feature


Login to Condo Control Central 

How to Make a One Time Payment

1) On the left hand side click on the payment feature 




2) Click on Make a Payment tab 



3) Please fill out the payment details page then on the bottom right click on the tab that says next


4) Review & Pay: Please review your payment details to ensure they are correct then click on the bottom right "Next"  


5) Underneath Account Details : Please fill in your account details  then click on the " Make a Payment " tab. 



6) You will receive a payment confirmation on the screen along with an email notification of the payment being confirmed. 


 7) If you are wanting to see all the payments you have made please click on the " All Payments " feature which will outline to you the payment details and payment method you used when paying online. 


Use Existing Account Information 

Once you have a payment history, you can utilize your existing payment method.

 1) Go to the make a payment feature located on the right hand side: 



2) Click on the Make a Payment feature


3)  Please complete the " Make a Payment" section and fill in each box below.  Next you will check off       " Use Existing Account" .  Checking this box off will allow you to use your pr-existing bank account information  to make this payment. 



4) Next you will see " Review & Pay" please review your payment details then click on the " Confirm and Pay tab located on the bottom right. 



5) Next you will see the payment complete page. Confirming your payment with a notification that you will receive a email confirmation of your payment. 



To Update Existing Account Information

 On your next payment, you can choose to update your existing account information

1) Go to the make a payment feature located on the right hand side: 



2) Click on the Make a Payment feature



3) Complete the Make a Payment Section and  then check off the Update Existing Account Section. Once that is completed click the next tab. 



4) Please review your payment then click on the confirm and pay tab located on the bottom rightmceclip2.png


5) Now update your payment information in the areas that apply and click on the make a payment button. 



6) Now your new payment information will be saved in the use existing account details section when you make a payment. 

You will receive a confirmation on your payment along with a email confirmation of the payment you have made. 


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