How To Setup & Connect Rotessa

Rotessa enables Property managers to collect pre-authorized debit payments via Condo Control Central. Follow the guide below on how to setup Rotessa!


How to setup Rotessa

Step 1


Step 2

  • Once you completed step #1, you will login to Rotessa and you will a dashbaoard with an option on the navigation tab that says “Admin”, you will then click on it then select “API Keys”


  • You will then click “Create New API Key”


  • You will then copy the API key generated


Step 3

  • Login to CCC > Workspace you want to enable Rotessa > click welcome top right, then click setup
  • On the left hand side menu > click Payment setup > Click here to view details for Rotessa


  • You will paste the API that you copied from the Rotessa API dashboard and then your account will be connected and the setup will be completed.
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