How To Setup & Connect Rotessa

Rotessa enables Property managers to collect pre-authorized debit payments via Condo Control Central. To complete this guide, you must have an existing Rotessa account.

Click Here to create a Rotessa account


1. Once you have a Rotessa account, login to CCC and click on the welcome button, then click on Setup



2. On the left-hand menu, click on Payment Setup




3. Click on 'Click here to view details' beneath the Rotessa logo, and ensure you are logged in to your Rotessa account in another tab




4. Click on the 'connect' button to connect your existing Rotessa account to Condo Control Central



5. Fill the form below, and click on 'Connect' once all information has been entered



6. Your Rotessa account has been successfully connectedScreen_Shot_2020-06-15_at_2.32.52_PM.png

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