How To Setup & Connect Rotessa

Rotessa enables Property managers to collect pre-authorized debit payments via Condo Control Central. Follow the guide below on how to setup Rotessa!


Step 1

Login to CCC then click onto the Setup tab



Step 2

Click on the Payment Setup feature 



Step 3 

Click on the New tab



Step 4

Complete each blank space with the appropriate contact and banking information. Once completed then press the connect tab. 





Please note: please click on the terms highlighted in blue  located above the connect tab.  Please read through the terms and conditions then check off I agree once completed. 



Step 5:


Now you will need to verify your account either by selecting Option 1 or Option 2 verification process. This process will be required before residents can make payments.  


Step 6: You will be redirected to the page below.  It will take a couple of business days for Rotessa to verify this account and for it to be activated. 



If you see the ? mark icon( highlighted by the red box ) that means that the account has not been verified. After the verification has been completed the ? mark icon will disappear. 



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