July 30, 2020 Release Notes

The following changes were rolled out to Condo Control Central during our July 30, 2020 release. Please review the release notes below carefully as some changes impact the way the system works. 

new__1_.png  NEW:

  • Asset Management

We introduced a new feature that allows for the tracking of asset records (e.g. boats, yachts, basketball hoops, etc.). Management can log assets and track changes made to them. Residents will also be able to see, edit and add their assets. The feature also includes reporting and allows users to see all assets on one page, or assets belonging to a particular unit under the Unit File. If you are interested in this feature, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

  • Unit Archive

Based on clients’ requests, we have introduced Unit Archive functionality. This addition allows admins to see deleted users/units with their respective history records. Admins will also be able to reactivate users/units from the archive if records were deleted by mistake.

  • User Registration Report

We introduced a new report that shows user registration and login details.

  • Vertical City TV Integration

We are introducing a new integration with our partner Vertical City. With this partnership, announcements and events posted on CCC also appear on Vertical City elevator displays. If you are interested in this integration, please contact your Customer Success Manager.


 process-improvement.png  IMPROVEMENTS:

  • Improvements to New Amenity Booking Functionality

We made recent changes to our Amenity Booking feature and have addressed feedback from the clients already using the new interface.

  • old functionality for showing the availability of an amenity based on groups is now retained. E.g. if an amenity of the same group (Elevator: move-in, move-out, delivery) isn’t available for a specific date, we will show the available amenities from the same group to speed up the booking process.
  • amenity options are now sorted alphabetically on the create booking page.
  • improved setting up timeslots by allowing users to copy an amenity on the Setup page. Setting up amenities is easier as we introduce an option to create copies of existing amenities with the exact same settings.
  • new setting for “cleaning hours”. This new setting allows users to automatically add cleaning hours after the actual booking, preventing users from booking an amenity for that specific time.
  • ability to track history records for most amenity changes on the Setup page.

  • Unit Related Incident Reports Featured on Unit File

Based on clients’ feedback, we will now allow incident reports that are linked to a particular unit to be displayed on a unit page on Unit File.

  • Future Deactivation on Process Moveout Page

Admins can now delete users on a future date on the Process Moveout page.

  • Improved Task Details Page

Based on clients’ feedback, we improved the Task View page, making it more similar to our Service Request page. Users will now be able to update or add attachments to tasks on one page and track task updates more efficiently.

  • User Titles Displayed Across Website

We addressed a request to display user titles on most aspects of the site.

  • Changes to Notifications about Bounced Emails

We improved the handling of bounced emails and email notifications about that issue. In particular, we will now  resend emails if the 1st attempt was a soft bounce. This information will be available on the Unit File under username.  

  • Filters for Key Checkouts

We added new filters on the Security&Concierge Console allowing users to filter checked in and checked out keys. 

  • New Fields on Proxy

Based on feedback from clients who use proxy voting, we added 2 new fields on the proxy details page: number of proxies collected in paper, and number of people attending the meeting.

  • Ability to Attach Multiple Files to Discussion Forum and Classified Ad

We will now allow users to attach multiple files to their forum posts and classified ads.

  • New filter on Maintenance Report

We introduced a new filter on the Maintenance Report, allowing admins to see activities scheduled for the next year.

  • Survey Improvements

Admin users will now be able to delete surveys. Surveys will also be visible only to the groups selected as recipients of a survey.

  • Hyperlink in Announcements

Adding hyperlinks to announcements is now easier as we introduced a new button directly to the details menu.

  • Fix to Tool Tips for Custom Fields on Service Request Feature

We addressed a bug with text not showing for tool tips on custom fields for service requests.

  • Ability to Reassign Priority Level for Service Requests

We will now allow admins to reassign the priority level for service requests.

  • Scalable Resident Banners

We addressed a request from our clients to make resident banners scalable based on the dimensions of users’ screens.

  • New Filter on Announcement Recipient List Report

We added a new option to filter the Announcements report by email delivery status (i.e. delivered, sent, processing, not sent, etc.).

  • Building Contact Details on Mobile

   We will now show building contact details on the CCC mobile app.


bug.png  BUG FIXES:

  • Fix to Calendar Filtering on New Amenity Booking Functionality

  We addressed an issue with filters on the amenity booking calendar on the new functionality.

  • Fix to Prevent Double Charge on Store

We improved the checkout functionality on our Store feature, preventing users from double-clicking the payment button which could result in a double charge.

  • Ability to Register Emails with Underscores

We improved our validation across the website and will now allow users to register with emails containing underscores before the “@” symbol.  

  • Purchase Order Bug Fixed

We addressed a few issues with the Purchase Order feature. In particular, we addressed an issue with linkage of a purchase order to service requests, and an issue with not being able to delete invoices from the purchase order.

  • Resident Comment Retained When Booking is Updated

We fixed an issue with resident comments not showing up in the corresponding field when an amenity booking is updated.

  • Custom Field Event Time on Service Request Feature

A custom “Date Time” field will now allow users to select time together with the date.

  • Fix to Incident Activity Report

We addressed a bug with incident types being duplicated on incident activity reports.

  • Amenity Usage Report

We addressed a bug with amenity usage reports not properly showing bookings that don’t require a fee.

  • Formatting on Service Request Replies via Email

We will now support formatting (paragraphs in particular) when a user replies to service requests via email.

  • Fix to Followers of Classifieds

We addressed an issue where followers of classifieds were being removed when access to classified ads was removed for one of the groups.

  • Fixed to Pass-On Logs and Security Logs Showing Code on Mobile App

We addressed an issue with code appearing on pass-on logs on our mobile app.

  • Fixes to Amenity Bookings on Mobile App

We addressed a few minor issues on our mobile app: preventing users from surpassing 1-week lead time and blackout times.

  • Fixes for Most Frequent Crashes

   We addressed issues that cause the most frequent crashes on the CCC mobile app to improve its stability.



If you have any questions or need clarification on any of the changes, please contact support at 416-961-7884, option 2, or email us at


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