How To Setup Assets in Asset Management

In this user guide we will be speaking on how to Setup your Assets for your Asset Management feature. 


We will be covering the following topics:

  •  How to Create an Asset Type
  •  How to create a custom Field
  •  Importing an Asset. 





1) Login to Condo Control

2) On the right hand side click on your name and then click on the Setup tab


3) On the left hand side click on the Asset Management feature 


4) You will click on the Asset Types heading then you will click on the tab that says add new 


5) Now you are on the  New Asset Type page: please fill in all details for your asset then click save 



a) Asset Type:  Please select the Asset Type required for your asset 

b) Prefix: Does the asset have a prefix if so please put it in here 

c) Suffix: Does the asset have a barcode please add in the barcode here 

d) Introductory Text: Insert any text that you would like to appear at the top of the add/edit asset page

e) Owner Required:  Is an owner required for this asset please check off the answer that applies

f) Can Resident Edit:  Can residents edit this asset type ? Please check off the answer that applies 

g) Select Email Default :  Please select if you require your email is set to default or not 

h)Tool tip for default field : Add in a description for the default field 


How to Create a Custom Fields


1) Click on the Custom Fields tab underneath the Asset Management title


2) On the right hand side click " Add new Tab" 


3) Please fill out all the fields in the Add new asset custom field 




a)Label:  Please create a label for your custom field 

b) Related to which Asset Type: Please select which asset type this custom field is associated to

c) Tool Tip : Write in the description field your message for your custom field 

d)Field Type:  Select your field type

e)Make this field Mandatory:  Select whether you require this field is mandatory

f) Prevent Duplicates:  Please select whether you like to prevent duplicates or not 

g) Resident Permission:  Select what level of permission the resident has to this custom field


Importing an Asset 

When importing an asset you can either download our template and fill that template in  or choose a file that you would like to upload. mceclip8.png


You have now completed the user guide on how to setup your assets. 








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