Badge: How to view and print your badge, how to create a mobile wallet and adding this pass into your phone

In this user guide we will show you how to view and print your badge, how to add the wallet pass feature into your phone and lastly how to use your wallet pass once you have set it up . 


The users that these badges are for the following groups: Residents, Owners and Tennants. 


How to view and print a badge


1) Login to Condo Control 

2) Click on Unit File and select the User you wish to print the badge for



3) Select the picture of the User located beside the residents name


4) Click on User Pass to view the badge itself and make sure you are happy with the preview of the badge. 


5) Click on the print physical pass tab to print the badge 


6) A PDF of your pass will be downloaded onto your computer, please find the downloaded image and open it. Next you will click on the print icon to  print this badge. 





How to view in Mobile Wallet

Please follow the steps 1-4  from the guide above " How to view and print a badge"  

1) Click on the View Mobile Wallet


2)  Please  use your phone and scan this QR code   if you already have a Google Pay App  this will be done automatically



3) If you do not have a Google Pay App please click on the link below the GPAY  tab and continue 


4) If for some reason you are unable to use Google Pay please click on the tab " Add to Wallet Passes" 



5) If you do not have the Wallet app on your mobile device you will be prompted to download the app. 





6) Once you have downloaded the app the bar code will be imported once you open the app. If it is not imported please click on the + symbol and scan the barcode again to import. 


So in summary when you go to area that requires you to show your pass you will need to open up your Wallet Pass App and let the Staff member scan your QR code which will recognize you as a resident and therefore give you permission to enter the facility or amenity. 



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