How to Create or Update an Amenity with Time Slots


Create an amenity with time slots when the amenity can be booked at multiple/designated times throughout the day. You can set how many people can book the amenity during each time slot. Do not create multiple instances of the same amenity (i.e., Gym 1, Gym 2, Gym 3 etc.).


1. Open the Welcome Menu and select Set-up.


2. From the Main Menu, select Amenities. You will now see a list of your building’s amenities.


3. To create a new amenity, select New Amenity. To update an existing amenity, select the edit icon.


4. Begin by entering or updating the amenity description. Once completed, click Next.


5. Then, configure the amenity rules. Start by selecting the amenity approval type and the administrative group that can approve the bookings.

6. Next, enter any booking restrictions. Select No Restrictions if there are no limits for the amenity.

7. From the Booking Start & End Time list, select Time Slots.

8. Then, you must change the Maximum Booking Length to No Maximum. The booking length will be determined by the time slots, so this field is not applicable.

9. Next, enter the number of people that can book the amenity during each time slot.
NOTE: this number does not account for guests. If you anticipate users bringing guests, make the bookings per time slot number lower.


10. Then, input your timeslot options. Select the day(s) of the week, start and end time and time slot duration. For example, the amenity is available Mondays with the first booking at 9:00 a.m. and the last booking ending at 9:00 p.m. and each time slot is 60 minutes long. Once completed, Click Save.

NOTE: If there are specific times when the amenity is unavailable, for example it is being cleaned from 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m., remove the time slots from the list by clicking the box beside the time slot and selecting delete.


If your time slots are less than 60 minutes and you want them to start on the hour, you can manually input them into the system. Instead of entering the start and end time for the day, enter the start and end time for the first time slot. Then, enter the duration and click Save. 

Continue this process until all your time slots are created.


11. If the amenity requires cleaning after each usage, enter the amount of time in the Add Cleaning Hours section. The minimum amount you can enter is 1 hour.
NOTE: ensure you left gaps in your time slots to allow for this cleaning time. 

12. Next, enter the minimum and maximum booking lead time.

13. Then, decide if there is a guest limit for the amenity and enter that number in the Maximum Number of Guests field. If you want to know more information about the guests, click Yes beside Enable More Questions About Guests and then check the applicable questions.

14. Enter if the amenity requires inspection and then click Next.


15. In the Terms section, add any terms and conditions for booking the amenity. This might include healthy and safety statements. For example, I have not come into contact with someone with COVID-19 system. Ensure the terms and conditions are phrased as statements versus questions to comply with governing authorities. Once completed, click Next.


16. Then, if applicable, select the payment fee type, cancellation restrictions and additional amenity options. Once completed, click Next.


17. Review the amenity details and click Finish. You will now see your new or updated amenity in the amenity list.



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