Amenity Booking FAQs


What level of customization does the system offer to set-up my amenities?

The system is very flexible and allows for, among other thing:

  • Control the booking length and set time slots
  • Restrict a maximum number of bookings per User or Unit per day/week/month
  • Add Terms and Conditions that your Residents can agree to electronically
  • Capture Payments and Deposits (if you have Online Payments activated)
  • Set-up pictures of your amenities


Can we restrict the number of residents per time slot?

Yes, you can. With the Time slots mode, you can tell the system how many bookings per time slot you want. You no longer need to create multiple amenities with only 1 slot.

Refer to the User Guide below for further instruction:
How to Create or Update an Amenity with Time Slots



Can we attach a questionnaire to be filled out digitally?

Unfortunately, we do not have the capability to fill out a questionnaire digitally. You can upload a questionnaire, but it would have to be printed and filled out by hand.

An alternative is to add wording to the Terms and Conditions Section stating that by accepting the Terms & Conditions, the user acknowledges that they haven't travelled outside of the country, don't present any symptoms of Covid, etc..



Can bookings be approved by an Admin account? Or can bookings be approved automatically? 

Yes, you can select either option under the Rules Section on the amenity set-up page.



I have Users indicating they can't see the Amenity Booking button.

Please ensure they belong to a Group with the Amenity Booking permissions enabled.

How to Add Users to a Group


Some Users are claiming that they can’t book amenities and are getting a message indicating they are Off-Site Owners.

The system is defaulted to not allow Off-Site Owners to book amenities, if you want this setting changed, please contact us


My Users are labelled as On-Site Owners, but they still can’t book Amenities.

Please ensure that the Unit to which the Users belong to isn’t labelled as Rental Unit, since this is telling the system that the Owners are Off-site.

You can check this by going to the Unit File, searching for the Unit, clicking on it, then on the <Unit Details> tab, and checking the Type field:



If you wish to change this to Owner-Occupied, click <Edit> at the bottom, change it, and then click <Save>.


Do I need to do anything to give a deposit back to a resident? The resident does not see the returned deposit on their credit card statement.

No action is needed on your part. Deposits are automatically returned approximately 7 days after the booking ends. You have that time to draw upon the deposit if needed.

Sometimes the deposit is returned as a reversal (the original amount is wiped out from the credit card statement) rather than a refund (the original amount is withdrawn, and the returned amount is added on the credit card statement). Ask the resident to double check which process their credit card company uses.


What if a resident makes a booking months in advance, is the deposit held that long and when are the fees paid?

Let us answer with an example. If someone makes a booking on July 1, reserving the elevator for August 1, the CC and Stripe fees will be taken on July 1 when the booking was made. However, the deposit won’t be held for a month on the users credit card. The system will check the credit card for that deposit 24 hours before the day and freeze it.


If a user brings guests to the amenity, will they be counted in the total number of people I set to be in the amenity at a same time?

Yes, you can use both Timeslots and have Users bring Guests. You just need to set the Total Capacity Limit so the system accounts for the Users and their Guests within that limit. (Please refer to guide on updating amenities with timeslots).




How do I block set cleaning hours during the day? The system seems to only block time after each booking when I enter cleaning hours.

The Add Cleaning Hours field is intended for amenities like Party Rooms, that need a block of time for cleaning after each booking. For amenities like the gym or pool leave this field blank.  

Instead, we recommend you add the time slots as you normally would, and then delete the specific time slots that are designated for cleaning time. To do so, click the trash can icon besides the applicable time slots.



What if I create an amenity but don’t want users to book it yet? I need some time to confirm a few details and make modifications.

We suggest you create the amenity, and then immediately take it out of service to prevent any bookings. It will still be visible on the resident calendar, but it will be shown as out of service and residents will be unable to book it.

Refer to the User Guide below for further instruction:
How to Take an Amenity Out of Service


A booking was automatically cancelled and I only see a message of Booking Payment is Expired. What caused this?

Please be aware, when an amenity is set up to require Admin approval, you’ll have 7 calendar days to provide this approval.

If none is given, the system will automatically cancel/expire the booking, and no subsequent action can restore such booking. It’ll need to be created again.




Why can't I approve a pending booking?

All bookings made with a credit card must be approved within seven days of the booking being made. Once the 7-day period is passed and the booking is not approved, the booking will be cancelled and the funds returned to the resident's card. This measure is to prevent service providers from holding a users funds indefinitely. 


Can I use Condo Control for contact tracing?

Yes, the amenity booking data remains in the system indefinitely. You can use the data at any time if you need to conduct contact tracing for a specific amenity and date/time range.


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