How to Put an Amenity Back in Service

Amenities can be taken out of service or reinstated at any time. When putting an amenity out of service, the system creates an administrative Out Of Service booking. Follow the steps below to reinstate your amenity by deleting (cancelling) this Out Of Service booking.


1. Log into your Condo Control account.



2. Click on Amenity Booking in the left-hand menu.



3. On the Amenity Booking page, select Calendar View.



4. Next, find the Out Of Service booking on the calendar and click on it.



5. This will open the Out Of Service booking summary. Scroll to the bottom of the summary and click on Cancel Booking.



6. Enter the reason you are cancelling the Out Of Service booking and click Save.



7. Your amenity has now been reinstated. To return to the Amenity Booking page, select Return to Calendar.



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