Lobby Display: Formatting Announcements

This user guide sets out formatting tips to consider when creating announcements that will be displayed on a TV screen.

Formatting Tips

1. Keep the title brief and to the point.


2. Write text with your audience in mind.

3. Keep the reader engaged by using the Bold, Italic and Underline features to mark important items.

4. Use bullet points.

5. Use high-quality photos.

6. Make sure all objects are aligned (left, right or centered).

7. Choose an appropriate font size and colour. Large simple fonts work best in the colour black or red.


9. Utilize Heading or Paragraph size options:

Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, Paragraph

10. Select “paste as plain text” if you choose to copy and paste text from a document. 


11. Insert page breaks for longer message to ensure text displays sequentially.



This will split the announcement text across two pages.




  • You can preview how an announcement will look on the screen by selecting TV Preview in the Lobby TVs section.
  • Snipping tool is great for photos but not for text.
  • Do not use small font.
  • Do not to use light colour fonts such as White, Light Grey, or Yellow.
  • CC does not support moving fonts or transparent backgrounds. 


For best results contact your Customer Success Manager for help configuring the background and display template.

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