Making an amenity booking - Mobile app

If you would like to make an amenity booking while using the mobile app please follow the below instructions.


1. Access the Amenity Booking module.  There are 2 methods that can be used depending on the configuration of your properties workspace.

Click the Amenity Bookings option on the home screen or click the 3 lines in the top left corner to bring up the selection menu, then select Amenity Bookings from that menu.




2. Once you have opened up the Amenity Booking module you will see the page below.  If you have any current amenity bookings the details of them will be displayed here.  To create a new amenity booking click the + icon at the bottom of the page.



3. Now you will see a list of all amenities in your property, including any fees or deposits to use the amenity.  Scroll down the list to find the amenity you wish to book then press the Select button for that amenity.



4. You will now see the amenity details page for the amenity you have selected.  Pictures of the amenity, fees and deposits, accepted payment methods, cancellation policies, hours of operations and terms and conditions can all be found here.  To continue with your booking press Select Dates.



5. Select the preferred date for your booking by pressing the day on the calendar.  You can scroll down to see dates further in the future.  Keep in mind some amenities have a maximum booking lead time so you may not be able to book too far in the future. 



6. Once you have selected the date of your booking the time selection will appear.  Depending on the amenity configuration this may be a specific time slot, it may give you the option to select a start and end time for your booking, or it may prefill the times in for you.  Each amenity is configured by your property management team and functions differently depending on their policies.

Select your preferred time options than press Save to add the selected time to your booking.  Once you have selected the date and time press continue to proceed with the booking.



7. Next review the booking details, verify that the date and time of your booking are correct, then add in any event description you would like to be included with the booking.  You may also select the option to have an email reminder sent to you 24 hours before the booking begins by checking the box that says Send Email Reminder.  Press Terms & Conditions when you are ready to go to the next step.


8. Here you will review the terms and conditions for the amenity.  In order to complete a booking you MUST agree to them.  If you do not agree with this terms and wish to dispute them please contact your property manager with your concerns.  Condo Control support cannot allow you to bypass the properties terms for using the amenity.  Not every amenity will have terms and conditions or a signature line.  This is set up by your property and may be different for each amenity.

  • Read the terms and conditions carefully.
  • Click the box beside the option "I agree to the above T & C"
  • Draw your signature in the signature line if applicable
  • Press Review and Confirm



9. Review the details of your booking and press Confirm Booking.  If the amenity has fees or deposits involved you will see the amounts due here and can use the properties accepted payment options to pay and complete your booking.  For more details on how to make a booking with payment involved click HERE (Link to guide with added slides about payment info here)


10. You will now be informed that your booking has been successfully created with a dialogue window.


11. You will now see details for the bookings you have created on the main page of the Amenity Booking module, including the approval status.  Some amenities require admin approval before they are confirmed.  Amenity approval is done by the property managers or security and concierge staff in your property.  Condo Control support cannot approve your bookings for you.



Refer to the link below for a video demonstration:

Amenity Bookings: Creating Mobile Bookings Video




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