Adding a Stay (Short Term Rental) to your unit

If you would like to add a short term rental agreement/user/stay to your unit please follow the below steps.


1) Login to your Condo Control account.

2) Click My Account from the navigation menu


3) Click Stay Details.


4) On this page you will see the details of your current and past Stays. You can filter these by clicking the arrow then selecting which status of stays you would like to view.


To add a new Short Term Rental click the button labelled "Add New Stay" in the top right corner.



5) Add the details of the person associated with your Stay.  You can add yourself as the guest by clicking Yes beside the option called "This is my own stay" then select yourself as the primary guest.  If adding another person as the guest click No beside that option.



6) Fill out the information of the primary guest of this stay.  You can include the first and last name, the cell phone number and email address and the start and end dates of your guest.  If there are more than one guest use the arrows to the right of the Additional Guests line to select the number of additional guests.  Once you have done so additional text boxes for the first and last name of the additional guests will appear. Email addresses and phone numbers are not required for additional guests as the primary guest will remain as the contact for this Stay.


You may also select the option to add an emergency contact associated with the guests. Check the box for Emergency Contacts then fill out the information.  This information is not required and can be added by the guest once they receive their welcome email.


If your guests have a vehicle please check the box beside Does User Have a Car and fill out the required information.  Again this information is not required as it can be added by the guest once the Stay has began.



7) Once you have filled out all of the details of your guests press Save at the bottom of the page.



8) Once you have saved the details of the Stay you will be taken back to the Stay Details page and you will now see the details of the Stay you just created.  On the day the Stay is scheduled to begin a Welcome Email will be sent to the primary contact so they can verify the included information is accurate, or add in emergency contact and vehicle information.


Using the buttons in the Actions column you can; view the details of the Stay guests, edit the details of the Stay guests, delete the entire Stay, or send a Welcome Email to the primary guest associated with your Stay. As there will be an email automatically sent to the user the day their stay begins this is only needed if the guest says they have not received it. To send this email please click the chain icon in the actions column.


Once you have clicked this option you will see the dialogue window shown below. Click Send Welcome Email to automatically send a Welcome Email to the email address of your primary guest, or click Copy to copy the unique registration URL which you can then provide to your guest.



Please Note: The guest registration link will become active on the Stay Start Date and automatically expire at the end of the Stay End Date.  If you click the option to Send Welcome Email manually it will not become active until the Stay has began.





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