How to cancel your amenity booking - Browser

If you wish to cancel an amenity booking through your web browser please follow the below steps. 


1. Log in to Condo Control by going to


2. Access the amenity booking module from the navigation menu

Note: your menu may look different depending on your permission settings



3. Click "My Bookings" from the amenity booking module, than locate the booking you wish to cancel.   Click on the booking to open the booking details.



4. Scroll to the bottom of the Amenity Booking details and click "Cancel Booking" to open the cancellation window.



5. Type the reason for your cancellation, than click "Save" to process the cancellation.

Note: you must include text in the cancellation reason section otherwise you cannot save the cancellation.



6. To verify the cancellation has gone through you can check the Administration Approval Status, or the history records of the booking.




Note: Each amenity has its own cancellation rules.  Some amenities can be cancelled at anytime, others can only be cancelled certain times before the booking begins.  As an example a Guest Suite may be configured to only allow cancellations at least 24 hours before the booking start time, while the Gym amenity can be cancelled until the booking begins.  These policies are set by your property manager and any questions about this policy can be directed to them.

If you do not see the option to cancel your booking that is either because the booking falls outside of this time window, or your account does not have permission to cancel bookings. 



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